Shaping General Insurance through cloud-based API-enabled technology

Our cloud-based API-enabled technology offers you the tools needed to operate a full suite of your digital insurance solutions or simple words general insurance software solutions. Empower your customers with our easy-to-use and easy-to-manage software that touches all facets of the general insurance processes – policies, ratings, billing, claims, and much more.

Policy Administration System

The policy administration system is a critical component of any complete P&C insurance software system. With our policy management software, you can service the entire policy lifecycle, and define and develop novel products across a wide range of general insurance business lines. Through automation and workflow management capabilities, you can now streamline your manual process. With low-code configuration tools, business users can process changes. What’s more? Our commitment to keeping our code separate from your IP address makes it easier for you to upgrade. The insurance carriers can market faster and efficiently while also delivering better buying experiences and improving customer satisfaction.

Highlights of Policy Administration System:

  • Define new products and get to the market faster
  • Optimized policy lifecycle support
  • Integrate third-party services and data within your policy workflows easily
  • Leverage existing and pre-built industry content
General Insurance software
General Insurance software solutions

Billing System Software

Billing can make or break your financial goals and customer rapports. That’s why, at EnoviQ, we’ve come up with the Billing system software, one of the innovative technology trends 2020, to help you meet the customers demands for clarity, quickness, and accuracy in your billing interactions. Our software offers a complete solution that enables carriers to reduce expense ratios and improve bill collection rates. It further supports critical billing capabilities by managing payment plan, payment processing, return payments, commissions tracking, and customer follow-ups. You can now provide proactive responses to billing inquiries and improve the overall client experience through automated and streamlined billing workflows. EnoviQ’ billing software is your one-stop solution to manage all your receivables with new avenues to expand into markets with new lines of business.

Claims Management Software

Your customers would face a claim only once every several years. During those interactions, give your customers the service they deserve and forge loyalty. Leveraging our claims management system, you’d now be empowered to respond empathetically and quickly to aid them in their time of crisis. Use EnoviQ’ claims software to manage the entire claims lifecycle, right from the first notice of loss investigation to the claims settlement process. This software gives you the workflows, reports, and integrations to increase the efficiency of your claims operations and to reduce the loss costs.

Insurance Automation Services

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