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Introducing EnoviQ's Complete Third Party Administration (TPA) Solution

Discover EnoviQ's comprehensive Third Party Administration (TPA) solution, meticulously crafted to redefine your organization's insurance administration processes. With a commitment to efficiency, cost savings, and unmatched service delivery, our TPA platform is ready to revolutionize your operations.

Key Features and Benefits

seamless integrated

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrates with existing systems to adapt to the dynamic market demands, ensuring compatibility and efficiency.

Unified System

Manages both Retail and Group Business policies and claims within a singular system, simplifying operations and enhancing productivity.


Front-end driven configurator facilitates easy customization of products for multiple insurers, empowering you to tailor offerings to specific needs.

Automated Processes

Automates complex benefit calculations, leading to high auto adjudication rates and minimizing the risk of inaccuracies in claims processing.
Additional Key Features and Benefits:

Compatibility with External Systems

Easily integrates with third-party and legacy applications such as policy administration and CRM systems, ensuring smooth interoperability.

SLA Implementation

Implements Service Level Agreements (SLAs) of insurers in a system-driven manner, ensuring adherence to processes and timelines.

Comprehensive Benefit Plan Management

Offers industry-leading benefit plan configurability, covering medical, vision, dental, disability, and more, to meet diverse insurance needs

Enhanced User Experience

Provides an intuitive user interface (UI) and seamless user experience (UX), enhancing efficiency and user satisfaction.

Improved Turnaround Time

Streamlines processes and reduces manual intervention, leading to faster turnaround times for policy issuance and claims processing.

Cost Reduction

Minimizes operational costs associated with insurance administration through automation and efficiency gains.

Regulatory Compliance

Built-in features ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, mitigating the risk of non-compliance penalties.


Scales effortlessly to accommodate business growth and evolving market demands, ensuring long-term viability and sustainability.

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

Offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities, providing actionable insights for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

24/7 Support

Provides dedicated support and assistance round-the-clock, ensuring a seamless experience and prompt resolution of queries or issues

By leveraging EnoviQ's TPA solution, you can optimize your insurance administration processes, drive operational excellence, and deliver superior value to your clients and stakeholders.

What EnoviQ offers-

  • Compatibility with any other external systems to handle the ever changing demands of the market.
  • A singular system can handle policies and claims for Retail as well as for Group Business.
  • Front end driven configurator provides simple steps to configure the products for numerous insurers.
  • The unique feature of implementing SLAs of insurers makes adherence to insurer’s processes totally system driven.
  • Smooth integration with third party and legacy applications, such as policy administration, CRM, etc.
  • Automates complex benefit calculations to drive high auto adjudication rates and reduce the risk of paying claims inaccurately.
  • With industry leading benefit plan configurability, EnoviQ coordinates administration of medical, vision, dental, fully insured products, disability, and more.

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