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You are helping your insured navigate the challenges of life. But who’s helping you brave the challenges of your insurance business operations?

The insurance value chain is being reshaped and redefined in the industry with the advent of new entrants and innovations. Amidst the many intricacies is the complex perspective of the digital experience. To succeed, adapt to the challenging environments with our insurance consulting service.

Our Consulting Experts Help You Revolutionize Your Insurance Workflows

Our Roadmap to Your Success

Our market research insurance consulting service focuses on strategic issues to generate solutions for your insurance business, be it a small independent agency or a national-level organization. Through this insightful analysis, we’d help you validate your market concepts to set fair expectations. With R&D and BA experts, we’d identify potential predicaments by labouring with your stakeholders to circumvent impromptu product development costs.

Digital insurance solutions deem impeccable user experience. To address this proceeding, we identify existing technical, business, and usage constraints, through rational wireframes, mock-ups, and prototypes. By determining user requirements and mapping it to the usability metrics, for a responsive and organized user-interface, we ensure remarkable user experience across all digital platforms through cloud-based API-enabled interface.

We assure software evaluation on the broadest spectrum by incorporating tried and tested workflow. Starting with functional and agile testing, followed by UI and end-to-end testing by manual and automated measures, we ensure that your systems withstand all challenges in real-world as in the testing environment.

Quality assurance is a vital component of all software development. With end-to-end insurance consulting service, we simulate real-user behaviour and supervise the performance across interfaces, databases, network, and other applications. Our state-of-the-art testing practices include equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, exploratory testing and error guessing, cause and effect graphs, decision table testing, and state-transitioning testing.

To scale up your existing infrastructure or to deploy a novel one, we have the expertise, data, and the tools. We cater to the entire lifecycle of your application and software development, across different verticals through credible development and testing practices. We develop and customize software and endorse integration with the existing environment, followed by security auditing and performance monitoring, to assure that the application stays in line with the latest technology.

We fragment colossal architectures to loosely-coupled cooperating services to ensure consistency across various databases. Our system integration and migration methodology can be viewed under heterogeneous data integration, point-to-point integration, API integration, and enterprise app integration.

To keep existing applications in robust conditions, we advise the right choice of infrastructure, and hosting options, to eliminate scalability issues. We also offer support for launching applications, setting up environments, conducting security audits, updating OS versions, and many more.

We offer around the clock monitoring of core applications and hardware to corroborate that the server does not go down as it crosses the defined thresholds. It includes website monitoring, server monitoring, cloud monitoring, network monitoring, application monitoring, and real-user monitoring.

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