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You need the best of technology and tools to improve your corporate wellness programs and grow your company. EnoviQ offers you a cloud-based API-enabled healthcare and wellness solution system and give you the suppleness and the liberty to attempt novel ideas that satisfy your clients.

The Salient Features of our Healthcare and Wellness Solution

Integrated Wellness and Preventive Care

We understand the indispensability of preventive care for patients. And we believe that it must be beneficial for every person who is involved in the continuum of care, right from the practice owner to the doctor, the billing staff and everyone else in between.

To bring this ideation into existence, we have engineered integrated wellness and preventive care system that’s connected digitally and works intuitively and seamlessly. The highlight is that it could be personally integrated into each of the partner practices’ workflow. Our healthcare and wellness solution holds good for practices, practitioners, and other ACOs and health systems.

Helathcare and Wellness Solution
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Wellness Portal

Having a wellness program is not sufficient; you need the right technology to administer it. Our cloud-based API-enabled healthcare and wellness solution offers you a suite of web-based tools that will help you organize and dispense healthcare and wellness solution programs through our wellness portal.

The goal of this portal is to endorse awareness and health education via confidential personal health assessments, biometric results, and webinars. This solution also motivates the participants in their healthy living by tracking program activity, engagement, and participation. The portal demonstrates healthy living tips with guidance on change of habits for the betterment of life.

Wearable Devices

Modern-day consumers need to wear electronic devices that track and collect their health and exercise data. Our wearable technology hub delegates fitness trackers, smart health watches, wearable ECG & blood pressure monitors, and biosensors. Our fitness trackers are equipped with sensors to monitor the user’s heart rate deduce via his/her physical activity. Our ECG trackers could track electrocardiogram and send across the reading to the doctor’s wing.

Besides, our BP tracker, though it looks like a typical smartwatch, can measure blood pressure and monitor activities such as the steps taken, calories burned, and so on. This state-of-the-art technology keeps the user and his/her physician always on alert.

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Helathcare and Wellness Solution Services

Integration of Open Platforms with External Systems

Interconnection of systems and applications is mandatory to make informed decisions in the healthcare and wellness industry. Our technical expertise can bridge the gap between mobile and web applications for enhanced efficacy across application deployments.

The key benefits include a containerized integration to deliver personalized promotions and to send real-time alerts.

Health Wallet

Today, consumers look for wholesome solution these days. Through our technical services, you could offer both protection and saving insurance products in one go. Our solution ensures facile and seamless product renewals and claims processing. What’s more, our block-chain based health wallet, brings hospitals, doctors, and patients to a common platform that has a secure Electronic Health Record with an accessible communication channel.

By leveraging our solution, you could register patients, connect existing patients, create digital prescriptions, and many more.

Helathcare and Wellness Solution

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