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EnoviQ is your insurance company’s wholesome IT architecture and infrastructure suite!

If you desire to explore new opportunities and give your competitors a tough fight, then it’s vital that you embrace insurance tech solutions embraced with cloud API system. We help you with a comprehensive digital transformation in the likes of IT services, data migration, system integration, web API development, among many others. Allow us to optimize your digital workflows with our unique, infallible IT services!

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Data Migration

You can handicap your data migration if you do not define the processes clearly or if you underestimate the IT team’s effort in designing and testing. But, when we partner with your data migration projects, we bring forth business and technical stakeholders to establish the objectives. Then, we’d take the time to define the data management processes and configure and test the migrations.

Our policy is to run a pilot project in the initial stages to thereby engage in activities such as data cleansing, optimization of data migration, and mock migration, to delegate the best possible result. Besides aiding you in this process of migrating business data from the legacy systems to your target solution, we equip you to engage in future data migrations efficiently on your own!

System Integration

In this digital age, your insurance company can find the enterprise IT landscape complex and challenging to manage, as you are increasingly adopting burgeoning insurance tech solutions to enhance your business outcomes. However, you must understand that fragmented technology segments would jeopardize your operations and lead to suboptimal usage of resources. As a result, you would be spending high while you’d be operating on poor business agility.

Here’s where EnoviQ system integration services come into play to seamlessly consolidate disparate technology applications and products to reduce the IT services complexity and maximize your firm’s ROI. This service includes all legacy platforms, and we offer end-to-end solutions in ERP, middleware and infrastructure management, and analytics and information management. Connect with us, and we’ll achieve business agility by aligning our Enterprise IT services in close connection with your business imperatives.

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API Development

We hold dynamic expertise in API development and integration across all insurance verticals. We help you in developing and integrating APIs for cloud, web, and mobile applications. As you are aware of the boom in the usage of mobile phones across all domains, various mobile apps are brought into the market daily. Seeing an opportunity in this space, we are here to create APIs for your mobile insurance applications.

Also, our IT team helps you with web APIs that work as an interface for both the web browser and the webserver. With this service, you can allow your web applications to access all information above the device hardware and the data that’s stored in them.

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