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By adopting Agile methodology for application development and software quality assurance. However, like most of the insurers out there, if you don’t see the desired results, don’t lose heart. This domain has a steep learning curve, which EnoviQ’s software experts pecialize in. We help you succeed in your new setting as we improve your quality assurance function through cloud-based API-enabled impeccable functional testing, agile testing, UI testing, and end-to-end testing.

Our Copper-Bottomed Software Quality Assurance Approach

  • 1. People
    We follow a "one team, one goal" approach. Our quality testing team would blend with yours to fulfil your goals. We do this through an established communication structure.
  • 2. Practices
    We follow the ‘shift-left’ strategy through appropriate governance and risk-based testing to execute QA testing methodology efficiently with a customer-centric approach.
  • 3. Technology
    We employ the right tools and testing environments that are essential for QA testing and geographies where time zones are no constraints.
  • 4. Core Systems
    We address the unique QA testing challenges displayed by each of the insurance core systems through a risk-based approach.

EnoviQ Software Quality Assurance (QA) Testing Services

We validate your insurance software system against its specific functional requirements. This mainly involves the testing of your mainline functions, basic usability, accessibility, and error conditions, manually or via automation.

We carry out agile testing at the inception of the project and has a continuous integration between development and testing. Through iteration, construction iteration, release (end game), and production, we deploy our agile testing.

With UI testing, we validate your screens with controls, to offer the best user-interface experience for your clients. Our testing techniques include manual, record and replay, and model-based testing.

Our end-to-end testing implementation framework consists of building user functions, conditions, and test cases. Thus, through the integration with external interfaces, we verify your software system.

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